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Posted By: drichards1953
Posted On: 2005-06-22 17:15:00
Subject: Merkey filing confirmed

I called the 10th District Clerk of Court Office in Salt Lake City and verified that Jeff Merkey did file a complaint yesterday against Perens, et al. Case number is 2:05CV00521DAK. Judge Kimball really does have this case.

I do not know what Judge Kimball did to deserve Mereky on top of the SCO v. the world cases but there is a special place in heaven for him. Too many layers of mmmm, persons with rather unusual thinking, that is often questionable and sets the ground for the truth at a very different level.

Jeffy ignored a little thing like FRCP Rule 11, which requires him to file where the person resides, or in the case of a business conducts business. Few if anyone involved in Merkey's fantasy reside or conduct business in Utah. Mereky would get a really warm reception here in the Federal Court here in Knoxville, TN. The judges here tend to be very harsh on junk filings.

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