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Posted By: arefsum
Posted On: 2005-06-22 20:35:00
Subject: Merkey gets it wrong

Plaintiff filed a Verified Complaint in this matter on June 21, 2005, including a
confidential settlement agreement as Exhibit 2 to the Verified Complaint. Plaintiff notified the court that he intended to file this exhibit under seal. However, because it was not filed according to the court’s rules regarding sealed documents, the exhibit was scanned into the court’s public electronic docket. Pursuant to paragraph 6 of the settlement agreement, the parties agreed that the settlement agreement was confidential. Therefore, the court hereby seals Exhibit 2 of the Verified Complaint in this matter and directs the Clerk of Court to remove the exhibit from the court’s electronic docket.

DATED this 22nd day of June, 2005.

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Posted By: arefsum
Posted On: 2005-06-22 22:01:00
Subject: More Merkey

On October 21 2004 JVM posted the following on GrokLaw:
Dear Pamela Jones,

This is the real Jeff V. Merkey. I am ordering you to remove this posting. You are creating accurate and libelous content and I will not tolerate it. Don't think because you are in New York I cannot sue you and make YOUR life as miserable as Novell has made mine. I have already contacted a law firm in New York and if you do not immediately remove this article and all associated postings, I will take legal action. You may win in the end but I can guarantee you that you will lose your house along the way. I drained Novell of 17 million dollars and in the end they lost the litigation because they had to release me from all agreements that bound me. These people on this list have no idea of the content of the settlement agreement with Novell, and how far out in the weeds they are.

If you are the same Pamela Jones who worked for Novell, I doubt you will want some of your activities mode public in court.

This is the only warning you wll receive from me, then we will initiate legal action, and you can post the filings in YOUR case to this site.

Very Truly Yours,

Jeff V. Merkey
Former Chief Scientist
=============================================== nd%20to%20Cease%20and%20Desist&type=article&order=&hideanonymous=0&pid=0#c226451

Bragging about the cost he made Novell fork out shows, in my opinion, that he wasn't in it for the legal problem, but to make sure Novell paid a very high cost for the case. Threatening PJ with the same is, in my opinion, blackmail using the legal system as leverage to silence someone. Not being familiar with US law, but is this strictly kosher?


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