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Posted On: 2005-06-30 05:37:00
Subject: Merkey's lawsuit "offer"

Full text of Merkey's short-lived post suggesting he might pull the lawsuit. I love how one of his conditions is that people stop criticizing SCO. Yeah. That sure sounds realistic to me. I really do believe it was a genuine offer, made with a true spirit of reconciliation in mind. Not.


Reasonable Comments Received from the OSS and Linux Community
 Author: Admin
 Dated: Tuesday, June 28 2005 @ 09:24 PM MDT
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I have received numerous emails and comments from several large companies which support Linux and OSS asking me to dismiss the Federal Action. Most of these dialogues have been extremely positive and supportive, and express abhorence of the comments, threats, google spamming, and other behavior that is clearly inappropriate and engaged in by various members of Linux and OSS.

Based on this positive feedback, I am seriously considering dismissing the complaint, however, I expect the google links and spamming to be immediately removed and to cease not only against myself but SCO and anyone else involved in litigation. If groklaw and folks want to **responsibly** report on events without all the hate and anger, I would be amiable to doing what is asked, but I expect apologies and withdrawl of libelous comments, legal postings, and death threats.

Companies involved in litigation, whether they are correct or not in their claims is not for the internet community to decide, but a jury and the courts. Much of the activity has served to bias the public and create unfairness not only for SCO, but IBM and Novell as well, and none of this internet banter is helping any of these companies resolve these disputes, or reflecting positively on Linux ad OSS to the American public.

I will be looking forward to people acting like adults and behaving responsibly, and if I see such actions, I will consider dropping the litigation.


Jeff V. Merkey

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