Message ID: 286454
Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2005-07-30 06:58:00
Subject: It's Not About the Contracts & Rights

Over and over, Korbomite kept repeating "it's a stock scam." It's not about the contracts & rights anymore. It's about the illegal FRAUD that Darl and the Caldera/Canopy management attempted to execute. The absolute audacity of this scam is amazing. Novell's COURT FILING (caps for Biff) outlined a chain of willful deceit.

Forget Biff and his nit-picking contract bullcrap, IBM will take care of that part. Focus on the scam. Who knew what? Who's gonna rat out who? Which one of "Team Caldera" is gonna cry like a baby when hauled in for questioning? Who's buying one way tickets to a non-extradition country?


P.S. -- I think Blake and Chris will be the first to rat out Darl and Ralph.

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