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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-10-02 11:14:00
Subject: Sarbanes-Oxley and other violations

Looking for all of the transcripts of SCO Group conference calls wherein Herby played the fool. They list SCO Group as a portfolio company, yet never once do I remember them revealing that relationship in a conference call. Guess that their research was a little deeper than just a research report and yet another of the SarbOx violations committed here.

BTW: Anyone who certified those docs - you hung yourself. Stupid to certify false statements when you knew better.

This one needs to be the most detailed to date, and it may take a few more weeks to nail it completely, but anyone with transcripts, please send links to I can get all of the SEC docs from Edgar, but will be quoting the relevant material and tables wherein they describe MSFT/SUN payments as SCOsource revenue, and then the Novell responses wherein they claim it wasn't SCOsource revenue.

Since nothing has been done to date, and since someone has made me rethink the strategy of the SEC route, it's time a better approach. These are felonies we are talking about here people, which makes the people perpetrating them "felons" - aka criminals, aka crooks. How many of you really want to spend your energy defending crooks (I am speaking to those who believe that a "few hundred million" isn't worth prosecuting - by your logic, it's OK to steal)?

(Besides the obvious BIFF who is in bed with them. BIFF, I bet you are beginning to reek of the barnyard odor about now).

It's time to petition the fourth estate, and any other group that can bring the appropriate attention/spotlight to this scandal and all of the political underpinnings of those claiming "special privilege and political favor" - let the chips fall where they may. No criminal venture of this nature should ever be allowed to continue this long without indictments, there is more than enough evidence to show that SCO Group knew all along they were full of sh*t and lying their asses off.

I know a few sites I trust to read without their being some underlying criminal enterprise - a la the QNC/FCS/MOG thing and its associated stalker and their number one nemesis and partner in crime. Any links there are considered tainted by virtue of their ongoing involvement in the money trails and payments derived from this fiaSCO.

Groklaw is a good resource fro untainted docs for pure research, as is the Mk.H31 site. Just need the links as I craft the material into a very eloquent set of criminal complaints/allegations, which I am free to do under my rights as a citizen of this country. My letters from 2003 and 2004 had only the effect of questioning the Cross-Licensing deal timing with SCO Group and MSFT, and revealing that SCO Group had potentially violated SarbOx when they failed to indicate the risk factors of knowing full well that Novell claimed they (Novell) held the copyrights for UNIX and not SCO Group. Now it's time to round up the whole lot into their associated complaints.

Have a nice day.


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