Message ID: 338996
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2006-01-21 16:35:00
Subject: can we hold mcbride accountable?

And, if so, should we?

What I am thinking is that we compose a very solid, professional looking, and irrefutable, listing of darl mis-deeds. Verifiable outright lies etc.

Then, when darl gets a new job, we send this listing to all parties that might have cause for concern.

What I am thinking of could not seem like a childish rant. It would have to seem very polished, and have some sort of credible threat.

By "credible threat" I mean something that might seriously suggest that darl's new company may actually lose business, or incure some liabilities, due to hiring darl. For example, a wide-spread boycott of darl's new company. Extensive bad publicity on high-traffic web-sites (groklaw, shashdot, . . ).

Just a thought.

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