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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2006-03-14 15:42:00
Subject: Well, here's one thing for certain

SCO Group, for all of their balderdash and bombastic statements, are definitely funneling money out of the company to pay for something, but whomever is getting the money, it isn't going to "A" Team legal expertise.

BIFF, for all of his troll-antics, is probably acting on behalf of SCOX seeking advice for their pitiful representation to date. Whomever is getting the SCOX money, they aren't attorneys (or at least not very competent attorneys). The legal battle appears to be nothing more than a cover for the end of that money funnel - and whoever is squirreling away those millions of dollars "spent" for what amounts to junior-grade representation in the courts. Somebody is playing the scam to keep squeezing the teta of this lawsuit to milk it until it's just skin and bones.

Don't help the fools write their pleadings, let them do their own work. So far, their judgment and actions show them to be a great deal less-than-stellar. For the amount of money SCO Group has spent, they should have been given top-flight legal support and advice. Apparently they wouldn't recognize same if it walked up and bit them in the...

Well, they will know the difference when CS&M are through here. ;)

Have a nice day. Don't worry, be happy.


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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2006-07-06 19:53:00
Subject: One BIG lie

The one big lie that is ofen repeated here is that UNIX Business is shrinking. No, it's not. SCOX UNIX business is going away, but UNIX will live on without them.

Just a fact for those wondering. Ask the Open Group, IBM, HP, SUN or anyone with a real UNIX business (not SCOX - they are a sham of a scam). Their businesses are not chump change like SCOX (really Caldera wearing a SCO suit - a SCO lawsuit to be precise - that is rather moldy and worn-out, but they keep claiming it is brand-new and a prize-winner).

I think people should not be fooled into thinking that UNIX is dead - it simply isn't. What is dead is the SCOX lawsuit idea that UNIX is dead. UNIX outclasses Windows by miles. Anyone who runs servers knows that. Linux and UNIX are more aligned in business than anything (except for SCOX - who are aligned with the wingnut brigade and about as much a part of the modern era as the Model T is today) else in the OS market.

What gets me is how SCOX claims they own UNIX - they don't. They don't own anything but their own stupidity and a few words that they haven't plagiarized here and there from others. They own a single implementation of a UNIX specification - not UNIX, and certainly no methods or concepts.

You want to hear a lie? Wait for DDT to claim that Windows is the shiznit for the net - that's a lie. The UNIX biz is in the billions every year for many companies. Linux may one day overtake that business, but not yet.

What DDT and other monkeys like him forget is that smart UNIX companies are migrating towards Linux because it is a sound model for development and deployment on the web.

UNIX isn't dying - it's still big business. SCOX never had a piece of that pie that amounted to anything more than crumbs anyway. Laws don't protect methods and concepts if all you own is an implementation and single instance of a specification.


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