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Posted By: stats_for_all
Posted On: 2006-03-15 13:44:00
Subject: SCAMP >> artificial $ for damage

I see SCAMP as a quasi-artificial offering presented so the "damage award" experts now scribing their reports can cross multiply LAMP installations world-wide by the SCAMP retail price.

Tony Lawrence's scathing tech deconstruction of the Netscape v. Apache and terminal shell v. PHP orientation of SCO should undermine any residual doubt about SCO readiness for its stack.

Argos, the UK retailer, has a wikipedia entry. It mentions that the local store server is not coordinated with the touchscreen display that customers must enter orders on. The touchscreen uses a web-interface to company wide DB-- meaning no local conditions and prices were available.

We can suppose that SCAMP will allow the local server to offer the touch-screen web display. Progress marches on.

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