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Posted By: allparadox2
Posted On: 2006-06-26 13:55:00
Subject: Where is AllParadox going?

For me, this is the more important question.

For now, I am forum shopping, and would appreciate any good suggestions.

I am looking for a web site where I can both post and have articles run.

The difficult part is my requirements. It won't be Groklaw, because I no longer feel welcome there. It won't be IP-Wars, because I feel I was censored there. It won't be here, because the audience I want to attract will not tolerate the casual profanity and flaming personal attacks.

I am a retired attorney. This means that the site must prominently display notices to all and sundry that legal advice will not be given, and aggresively remove posts that try to give legal advice. Otherwise, some prosecutor, somewhere, will sort through five thousand laymen to find me to prosecute for the unauthorized practice of law. My own feelings about this state of affairs is irrelevant. Without the notices and aggressive enforcement, I will lose and they will win.

Is this a personal problem? Yes, of course it is.
AllParadox-Retired Attorney, no legal opinions, just my opinion.

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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2006-06-26 21:33:00
Subject: Re: Where is AllParadox going?

David Nuffer is a blogger who is not
just a lawyer, but is a sitting judge,
and is thus quite averse to becoming
associated with a lot of screaming
nonsense. His solution is to use with comments turned off.
He solicits feedback by email, and will
occasionally publish the emails he
receives. See:

This is a form of the plain old
letters-to-the-editor model that I was
suggesting to you in that ip-wars
comment back in 2004:

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