Message ID: 387434
Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2006-07-06 01:35:00
Subject: Discovery will end any minute now

Elcorton pessimizes:

> There's little chance this schedule will hold

Oh, come now. How could you not have faith in the schedule dates for this case?

Our next major milestone is making it to the end of discovery. I'll grant you, there have been four times that a scheduled date for this event was abandoned, but ... we do keep coming a little closer each time than we did the last time!

Scheduled Date, dkt # | Date Derailed, dkt # | Missed it by *that* much, Chief.

2004-10-22 #23 | 2004-06-10 #177 | 134 days
2005-04-22 #177 | 2005-01-19 #377 | 93 days
2006-07-10 #466 | 2006-05-15 #682 | 56 days
2006-07-24 #682 | 2006-06-14 #704 | 40 days
2006-09-22 #704 | TBD | TBD

I'll WAG that our nearness at the time of the next retreat will be 35 days, which means the order vacating the 2006-09-22 date will come on Friday, 2006-08-18.

Message ID: 389235
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2006-07-10 23:37:00
Subject: when does discovery end?

Is that on schedule?

Message ID: 389242
Posted By: ruidhmurphy
Posted On: 2006-07-10 23:54:00
Subject: Re: when does discovery end?

>> Is that on schedule? <<

That depends on what schedule you're looking at. The current court schedule ends expert discovery on September 22.

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