Message ID: 391195
Posted By: zapfbran
Posted On: 2006-07-14 19:51:00
Subject: Trolls working overtime

Top 2 posters are the board trolls. This over the last 4 days if I did my math right.

Stock plummets and the trolls go on to overtime. As if ...
As if they will affect the tumble
As if they will affect public opinion
As if they will affect the outcome of the case

deepdistrust 137
backinfullforce 78
walterbyrd 71
bruce_s01 56
darlmclied 53
rex007can 52
ColonelZen 52
ruidhmurphy 51
timransom@rogers.... 49
peredurabefrog 46
peragirn 41
sba9630 40
div_2n 39
karl_w_lewis 37
saltydogmn 35
taiwan_relish 32

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