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Posted By: nobbutl
Posted On: 2006-07-15 09:21:00
Subject: What do we do now?

Folks, we need to talk.

Despite what Colonel Zen said recently, this *is* a community. There is (*was*) a synergy between the signal and the noise. The noise is the audience and inspiration for the signal. Just look at Karl's truly great "IANAL" post yesterday - fifty-odd recs - collective intelligence in action.

And look at it now. Where is it? *Buried*. *THAT* is the greatest single condemnation of this awful new UI.

We need to find a solution *together* and act *together*.

And yes, that includes Biff. Like Tom Bombadil, Biff was here before the river and the trees; Biff remembers the first raindrop and the first acorn. He made paths before the Big People, and saw the little People arriving. He's the nagging voice that keeps us focused. I, for one, want to stay in contact with him.

Our choices are:
- stay here
- go to scoxq, go to ipw, go to gl, go to google
- build a gateway like the original Yahoeuvre

Let's particularly hear the thoughts of the high-rec-average and high-volume posters.

(By the way I've revived my old nym to add a bit of gravitas to this post. For avoidance of doubt I am also jonathan_sizz, lucy_tiseman, and, in real life, David Spencer, semi-retired British database and telecoms consultant.)

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