Could this work?


July 16, 2006

Could this work as a place to flee Yahoo!?
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Much better


July 16, 2006

Much better. Hi guys!

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Good hang out


July 17, 2006

This looks like a good place to hang out at until SCO wins its case. I applaud the investor village folks on running the excellent IIS software and maintaining a sensible interface.

Now that I am here, I'm sure my detractors will waste no time in getting here. Can you believe that my latest post on Y!SCOX (about a rumoured settlement between IBM and SCO) attracted 51 ratings at last count? I mean, people say I should be ignored and all that, but 51 people still took the time to read and rate my message! I'm a force to be reckoned with, or what?

Y!SCOX is getting a little too oppressive these days. Linux supporters are acting in concert to hide messages that they find unpleasant. I hope this place doesn't allow that kind of oppression.
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This feels good!


July 17, 2006

Well I am so glad to see that many of us have gone over here. I hope tha folks at Yahoo get a hint. something like they are not the only game in town. The comments on the other stock boards on Yahoo have been equally negative toward the changes on the Yahoo Finance boards. This looks much like what Yahoo should ahve done, oh well too late for them. Now let's move to letting Darl and Ralphie know how much we care. LOL!
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Rec ho having withdrawals!


July 17, 2006

Woo hoo! I made it. I hope those clueless bastards at Yahoo lose their jobs for their ineptitude.

Come to think of it, they can then go work for SCOX - they'd fit right in.

(I guess I'll have to bookmark the SNE, GTW, and MSFT boards here, too. I'd hate to have the shills and pumpers feeling left out!)

Hello everybody!
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IV SCOX stats


July 17, 2006

I probably don't have time to keep maintaining these stats.  All times are US Central.  All dates are today

Time      Members     Visitors
11:00        2           49
12:00       15           66
12:25       25          123
12:30       31          147
13:00       50          215
13:30       63          241

Presumably, many of the visitors have converted to Members.  It's also possible that some of the Visitors are undercounted depending on how it counts them.  (Cookie that may be blocked by some?  IP that may be the same for some unfortunate AOL users?)

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2:36:10 PM

I like investor village - and Ledite is here!!!


July 17, 2006

Ahhh - we've caught up with Ledite!!!

Been hiding here since the rape posts on Yahoo???
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2:40:05 PM

New place to diss DDT


July 17, 2006

With Y! dropping the Scroll-Troll option, looks like the shills are all running here to try and pump this undead stock.

Lotsa luck, troll..

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3:26:45 PM

Yahoo! Idiot identified


July 17, 2006

Apparently Peggy White, General Manager of Yahoo! Finance is the moron responsible for the "new and improved" stock board. From

" White said Yahoo is working to upgrade over the next 60 days its stock quote pages, which serve as the starting-point for many investors in individual stocks. Financial blogs will be added shortly as well, perhaps filtered by a third party.

By offering a new reputation system that allows readers to rate the value of postings on its stock message boards, Yahoo has recently begun seeking to breathe life into the decade-old stock chat room phenomenon.

Investor message boards long ago degenerated into a mosh pit of harsh invective and uncorroborated rumor traded between bullish and bearish advocates of specific stocks. Yahoo now offers users the ability to rate individual messages according to a five-star system, then filter out lower-rated postings.

The structure of stock message boards will provide "threaded" conversations around specific topics tied to a stock, rather than serial discussions that simply list investor messages on different topics in reverse chronological order."
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3:36:51 PM

Y!SCOX is the absolute worst board around, except for all the others that have been tried


July 17, 2006

Wow, this board is just fan-fricking-tastic! 100-ish posts and more than 5 people connected at once and it starts serving up pages like a seizure victim on dope. No negative recs, no serious advanced searching, and a style that would have looked dated in 1998. Oh, and you managed to bring dorkdistrust with you because here he can rant and rave and even if I plnok him I still have to filter through all the pointless replies to his garbage.

In short, nothing will change from the old Yahoo system, and here I was totally psyched about the idea of never having to even so much as see a dorkdistrust/biff post again.

I really doubt that most of the lurkers and semi-lurkers (like me) intend to use this system on a regular basis. I don't know where they'll go, but it isn't going to be to this pre-Bubble throwback.

I guess I'll try and rally the survivors at Yahoo, but without sufficient rec'ing power (10-15 recs per post) and decent content from you guys the noise level will be higher than ever.

Happy PLNOKing, all. Of course, I hope this system can store your PLNOK preferences without vomiting all over itself...
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3:41:43 PM

Announced Move on Groklaw


July 17, 2006


I announced on Groklaw under Off Topic for the Novell recap from
today's court session that many Yahoo'ers are moving to the
message board here.




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4:13:40 PM

WAG Results


July 17, 2006

	   Last Trade	Volume	Low	High
From IV:	2.640	31560	2.45	2.64
Poster	        WAG	Volume	Low	High
karl_w_lewis	0.02	1800000	-0.16	2.43
verygoodbear	2.3	100000	2.1	2.5
morko_moraine	2.31	30000	2.21	2.38
piskozub	2.35	3000	2.25	2.7
bruce_s01	2.45	19200	2.35	2.54
brit_tim	2.48	70000	2.4	2.62
hamjudo2000	2.5	50000	2.4	2.6

No. of WAGgers:7

Hamjudo2000 wins the EOD WAG with 2.5.
Morko_moraine wins the Volume WAG with 30,000.
Hamjudo2000 and brit_tim share the Low Range WAG with 2.4.
Brit_tim wins the High Range WAG with2.62.

Hamjudo2000 and brit_tim share the WAGs, with 2 WAGs out 4 each.

Post produced using the Investor Village quote page, finance board, Y! finance board and Calc.

Thanks to all the WAGgers, please rec the WAG posts.

Bruce S.

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5:04:39 PM

Crosspost: Speaking of shilling for Yahoo!

July 17, 2006


"...Don't abandon this board -- here's why:

1. Yahoo, like it or not, is a one-stop shop for a lot of people for information of all kinds, including stock tips and general news about companies. If people stop posting here, then the trolls can take over and a lot more people are going to be misled about the facts surrounding SCO and its lawsuits.

2. The new system relies on a lot of community participation to be effective. Without your help, it will be even noisier and less helpful than the old system.

3. It's in beta, and there are some bugs, but I'm confident that they'll get ironed out eventually -- I know some Yahoo web programmers and they aren't slouches.

4. The alternatives are either way too slow or not geared to handle the volume of traffic that this board generates. They also have problems of their own:
USENET -- hard for most people to get to apart from Google Groups, which most regulars blackhole because of all the spam and garbage that comes through. The good providers (GIGANEWS, etc.) are all pay-for services. Also, you can plonk away, but DDT will come back under another 'nym and then you're just roached. Theoretically you can autoplonk all posts with "Loon" in them, but he'll adapt, just like all trolls do.

INVESTORVILLAGE -- all the problems of the old Yahoo! without the benefits the big infrastructure provides. Also, no message filtering of any kind.

If someone wants to set up a new board and has the bandwidth/CPU time to handle it, I'd welcome that, especially if it used BBS software we can get most people to agree on.

For these reasons I have to say that Y!SCOX is indeed the worst SCO news message board ever, except for all those others which have been tried -- and I beg you to stick around, tough out the parts of the new system you don't like, and keep this community alive. It can't and probably won't survive your exodus.

Yours respectfully,

Oh, really?


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5:36:18 PM 

Yahoo! might just be glad to have all of us gone


July 17, 2006

For Yahoo!, the goal of the stock message boards is, ultimately, to make money. Yes, this is blindingly obvious. Please bear with me.

Yahoo! makes money by attracting Joe Average Investor to their sites, to the ads from the Real scam artists: Wall Street. The more Joes they attract, the more likely that some of those Joes will click on an ad. The more Joes click on ads, and purchase services from a stock service firm, the more Wall Street types are willing to pay for the ads.

Anything that deters Joe Average Investor from visiting, and ultimately buying, cuts into Yahoo! Revenues.

The old system, the one used up through last week, was a disaster, as far as I could tell.

Yahoo! was spending a fortune on hosting hundreds of thousands, or millions, of users. Those users, me included, posted millions of messages. Those users, me included, demanded incredible response times with tremendous hit volume. I have coded and supported similar systems: Yahoo! did an adequate job. It was not free, not even cheap.

What Yahoo! got for all their hard work and cash was the cesspool that was Yahoo!SCOX last week. There was a great deal more wit on Yahoo!SCOX than on most I have seen, but the atmosphere was the same. Trolls were on every board with active trading. Trolls were doing the same thing on the other boards that they were doing on the Yahoo!SCOX board: posting gratuitous obscenities, vicious and personal ad-hominem attacks on everyone who tried to increase the signal/noise ratio, and starting flame wars with all of those same posters.

Gobs of older middle-class Americans have investments, and are considering investments. These are not rich people; they are very average. They are trying to manage their small IRA's, 401k accounts, or small investments outside those mechanisms, created with the money their late parents left them. Individually, each amount is hardly worth the trouble. As Sam Walton observed, though, there is a lot of money in those little towns.

Collectively, those Joe Average Investors represent tens or hundreds of $billions of potential investments, tens of $billions of investment services, and $billions in potential ad revenues for Yahoo! from investment services wanting to get access to Joe Average Investor.

I have an aunt who is characteristic of many folks I know. She grew up in a small town. She worked hard all her life and raised three children quite successfully. She saved carefully, including the proceeds from my Uncle's life insurance. I have never heard her use a swear word. She is offended by loud public arguments, and actively avoids them. She is very religious, and attends church every Sunday.

We were not the targets of the Trolls. My aunt was the target of the Trolls. Trolls prevented my aunt from ever considering looking at Yahoo!SCOX. Because I have helped her in the past with the Internet, and get regular emails from her, she will happily go to any site I suggest. I would never have recommended that board. She might never speak to me again, if I did.

The Wall Street types can then pump and dump SCOX with messages direct from president McBride of SCOX, and make money off both ends of the transaction. Routine and ordinary investment facts seriously interfere with that profit model. Look at how they managed to wreck Motley Fool. Motley Fool boards have become pabulum.

Far better that Yahoo!SCOX post run-of-the-mill innocuous and informationless messages than the mess that was there before. If the new system drives away you and me along with the Trolls, that is just fine with Yahoo!. Most of us are too sophisticated to be taken in by the Wall Street ads anyway, and never respond to the ads by buying services.

We are no loss, as far as Yahoo! is concerned.
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8:31:37 PM

Hello World


July 18, 2006

This looks ok. I wonder if DDT and BIFF will follow?
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Last Yahoo post/SCOX press release


July 18, 2006

LINDON, Utah, July 18/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The SCO Group, Inc. ("SCO") (Nasdaq: SCOX - News), the owner of the UNIX (R) operating system-based investor fraud and stock scam, and a leading provider of UNIX-based litigation, paranoia, an astonishing lack of evidence, net.kook wookie financial support, and thousands of hours of entertainment to Judge Kimball and Magistrate Wells, today announced their satisfaction of the utter destruction of the Yahoo SCOX message board, brought on by Peggy White, General Manager of Yahoo! Finance; this fact was disclosed recently by Investor Village poster fj2play.

Not-so-recently appointed, but rarely seen Executive Vice President of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things, Tim Negris, welcomed the utter destruction of the Yahoo board system by saying, "We already have too many critics all over the Internet right now anyway, and since everyone already hates our guts, we need to keep all these critics from gathering together in one convenient place.". When asked about the creation of a new SCOX board at the Investors Village website, Negris stated, "We here at The SCO Group are cautiously optimistic that the IBM agents who post on these boards will be brought to justice by the SEC, hopefully before they get around to bringing myself and my fellow SCO Group executives to justice." Darl McBride, still CEO of The SCO Group, but possibly not for long, could not be reached for comment, due to his prior commitment of reading and posting to the Yahoo SCOX message board, under the account names of waytogoscox, bettinscox, gobabygo03, and anmcbride. It is still unclear if Mr. McBride has reserved these accounts at the new Investors Village message boards; only time will tell. Mike Anderer, when asked if he will be transferring his pathetic_geeks account from Yahoo to Investors Village, replied, "Hey, barkeep! Can you freshen up my drink? I need more ice, too. Wanna do a shot?"

Readers who want to keep abreast of the SCOX corporate utter destruction are advised to visit Investor Village dot com.

About SCO The SCO Group (Nasdaq: SCOX - News) sues their customers throughout the world, which helps to grow their customers'
businesses everyday, by abandoning SCO's stale, outdated products, and switching to LINUX. Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a
worldwide network of no more than 2 resellers and 3 developers. SCO Interplanetary Services provides absolutely no localized support and
services to any of its partners and customers. For more information on SCO products, (failed) litigation strategies and services, visit Groklaw dot com.

<<< The saltydogmn account will be terminated as soon as I post this message. Thanks for nothing, Yahoo. >>>
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