Message ID: 391909
Posted By: saltydogmn
Posted On: 2006-07-17 08:16:00
Subject: Intolerable board suckitude - piling on

This newfangled design (read: steaming pile of elephant shit) is absolutely horrible; what MCSE* reject threw this crap together? What a damned joke.

Maybe they had Sandeep Gupta free-lancing for them.

To add to the previous comments, yes, I heartily concur -

fuck you, Yahoo. I give this crap one week.

(MCSE - Minesweeper Certified / Solitaire Expert)

Message ID: 391912
Posted By: saltydogmn
Posted On: 2006-07-17 08:23:00
Subject: My feedback to Yahoo

You've GOT to be kidding, right?

This board redesign is the biggest flop since New Coke. We all know how well THAT went...

You will be losing literally *thousands* of users by forcing this crap down our throats. What's worse, you are probably enabling Google Finance to gain a large potrion of those users you're losing. I highly doubt this was your intention.

Go back to the old way, or I (and several thousand of my closest friends) will be out of here.

Google Groups, here we come.

Message ID: 391917
Posted By: rex007can
Posted On: 2006-07-17 08:39:00
Subject: Re: My feedback to Yahoo

Well... I've given it an honest try. Been using this turdware for a few days, and honestly, I just can't. It's just too clunky, I can't see what/who I want at a glance, I can't find stuff from just a few days or even hours ago. I don't like the cushy/soft/pastel look and feel. I don't like the rating system, in fact I think it's way easier to game, but then again I feel that trolls will give up just because of the sheer retardedness of the who design.

Bottom line is, I think this whole "new" message board is/will be a failure the scale of wich we will have to wait untill Vista comes out to see the likes of again.

So to me, the question now is, where do we go? because "here" is no longer an option. Either we go somewhere else, or this is goodbye sorry it's been fun see you in the ether.

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