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Posted By: panglozz
Posted On: 2006-07-17 14:31:00
Subject: scraping recs and ratings

Yahoeuvre and the SCOX board were unique in actual adoption of the rec system, on most other Y! stock boards recs were never utilized, and no Yahoeuvre style archives were created.

Rec inflation occured on SCOX-- high rec posts in 2004 were lucky to break 10, but by 2006 10-wreckers were likely to be smart alec comments.

The new board has the ability to create meta-wrecks by someone skilled in scraping and parsing the posts by their serial "mid" key numbers.

The new board html has a unique text string: <span class="header-link">(2 Ratings)</span>

The rating count x the rating star number would give a weighted average rec (ie 20 ratings x 4 stars = pseudo rec value of 80 or 240 if the rating count were x3)

Unfortunately the star count doesn't appear to be a hidden html value, but would have to be calculated from the star_red16.gif tally with the rmsg span class.

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