PaintSucker2006 uses great bait


July 17, 2006

A trade above 10K just before 12:30 PM.

No trades at all from 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM.

The subsequent trade was for 1k shares at $2.53.

I surmise that PaintSucker2006 just hauled in another $26,000.00 of the painter's reserves, and that the painters are getting gunshy.
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Three new guffs from SCO's PRNewswire orifice


July 17, 2006

Folks, in all this kerfuffle let us not take our eyes off the ball.

"SCO Provides Innovative Marketing Outreach for Major League Soccer Club
Real Salt Lake Utilizes SCO's Me Inc. Mobile Technology to Effectively and Affordably Reach Utah's Growing Soccer Fan Base and Promote Upcoming Matches"

Note the keyword "Affordably" (translation: We'll Snatch Your Hand Off) and how their "Innovative Marketing Outreach" has reached out all the way from Lindon to SLC.

"SCO Promotes Sports Properties Through Innovative Mobile Services
Larry H. Miller Entertainment Group, Owner of the Utah Jazz NBA Team, Salt
Lake Bees Minor League Baseball, and the Largest Motorsports Raceway in the
Country, Uses Me Inc. Mobile Services From SCO to Promote Events and Reach
Out to Fans"

** Hey Stats!! Larry H Miller again!! **

"SCO Provides Promotion and Recruitment Support for C4-Sports Tradeshow Exhibition
C4-Sports Showcases and Uses SCO's Me Inc. Shout Services for Recruitment
of Las Vegas Tradeshow Focused on Sports Technology"

Quotes "SCO's Richard Dixon, vice president of sales and strategic relations
for Me Inc." -- did we know about this guy? Apparently Me Inc now needs a Veep. Expect bad numbers in the 10-Q!

** And Negris is invisible in all three press releases **

These three press releases are available from the "News" tab up there ^^. FSVO available -- the IV design moron has put the links behind some shitty Javascript. OI! YOU! WEBMONKEY!! **NO**!!!!

So here's some *PROPER* links instead:

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