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Posted By: sba9630
Posted On: 2006-07-18 02:50:00
Subject: Some msg stats, here and the new place

I subtracted the low message number from the high message number for the dates below and came up with the following stats:

Old Yahoo 7/10/06 : 467 (A week ago, Monday)

New Yahoo 7/17/06 : 337 (Monday)

IV 7/17/06 : 253 (Monday)

Amazing. I would bet that way more than half of the messages on yahoo for 7/17 were of the bashing/archive permission/where do we go next variety. The surprising number is how many people got to IV and began posting on day one.

I've got the old yahoo front page up and the oldest message used to scroll off after minutes during prime time and within an hour (usually) during off hours (EST). Now, the oldest message is staying 2-4 hours without being scrolled off the front page of the old message board. If you ever want to figure out how to destroy a message board, follow the yahoo example, they did it.
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