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Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2006-07-24 18:26:09
Subject: is there really cause for gloating?

I'm glad the brook wells finally woke-up and gave IBM a very well deserved partial victory. And I'm glad to see scox's share price declining.

But, I don't get all the "darl is getting reamed" and "scox is being slammed" bluster.

To me, the sad bottom line looks like this:

1) wells does not give scox a slam-dunk victory everytime, but she does as much as she can. During the last hearing, I don't think she could have given scox a 100% victory without seriously risking an appeal from ibm.

2) Scox share price dropped to $0.56 the day darl took over - and that was on half as many shares as scox now has. Scox's market cap is still nearly 10X what is was pre-scam.

3) Darl is not hurting, neither is Yarro, and it's likely that no harm, of any kind, will come to either. This scam has been a windfall for BSF. It won't hurt BSF's business. BSF is doing what they were paid to do.

4) The scam's effect on msft is unclear. Probably not all msft hoped for. But, I wouldn't be surprised if some major corps decided something like: "let's put off contributing to linux until we see how this lawsuit pans out. We don't need the headache of some bogus msft sponsered lawsuit." I supose it's possible there is some backlash against msft. It's also possible that ibm will sue msft. We really don't know.

Bottom line: in many ways msft and scox have already won, and continues to win. The scam may not be all that msft and scox hoped for, but it looks to me like the scam is doing them more good than harm.

BTW: I don't think the scammers are idiots or crazy. Msft/scox statements, either direct or through their press shills, may seem crazy or idiotic; scox's court filing may seem crazy or iditotic; but they are being crazy like foxes. They say that stuff because it works, especially in court. Every insane filing throws another wrench in system, because the court has to take every statement serioulsy.

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