Message ID: 393380
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2006-07-30 20:59:15
Subject: this forum is really dying

Better than it was, with the departure of the main troll.

Seems he's getting more than enough attention at IV. They love feeding him over there, although his volume is down even there.

Our very own GIRLinfullforce is still here, though.

Wonder if things will pick up with more substantial filings, or the new format is bad enough to stifle discussion when there's a lot to discuss.

Message ID: 393384
Posted By: wallyebass
Posted On: 2006-07-30 22:45:00
Subject: Re: this forum is really dying

> this forum is really dying<

Yahoo measures traffic everywhere, so they have to know. Wonder what their reaction is. Is it just SCOX, or are other boards dying as well?

I must admit that there is actually some good/interesting technical work in this new interface, particularly in the fact that (apparently) some clever javascript was used, and rating a post (including seeing it's effect on the overall rating) is accomplished without a page redraw. It's subtle, but my guess is that this, particularly over time as people realize it, *very much* increases participation in the rating system, which in turn changes the dynamics/politics of the rating system. If "everyone" participates in the ratings, instead of the usual limited usage by the gung-ho-s of the board, I think things change a lot.

I suspect that this implementation of the rating system would have had a pretty large effect on IPW, had they had a similar implementation.

But you seem to be right - it seems to be dying. I was actually getting interested enough to track this board for awhile, just to get a feel of how and how well the rating thing worked, but it looks like it is going to die too fast to even make such an evaluation.

Wally Bass

Unhappily, though, it seems that the good is far outweighed by the bad. The tree diagram for threads seems to become mush when the nesting level gets deep. I can't believe that the code, in it's current shape, passed *any* beta test.

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