Message ID: 393783
Posted By: panglozz
Posted On: 2006-08-03 11:36:08
Subject: DDT: Self loathing surfaces

DDT has surfaced with his Indian alter-ego nym "jayaramkalluri" This nym posts in a fractured "foreign English". What would prompt the well-spoken DDT to create such a stereo-typed character of his own self-professed nationality?

Is it self-loathing or mis-direction? This sort of self-hate enriches the psychological profile that can be drawn of this troll's pathology.

Jayaram posts:
"deepdistrust very depressed, very unhappy, very angry. He say his id got suspend. He throwing chairs. He say he getting the Loons.'

DDT has used at least 3 Indian nyms, and claims to be an emigrated ethnic Telugu brahmin. Very little other than DDT's own statements verify this self-characterization.

Supporting the genuineness of the personality is the observation that the Telugu identity was first acknowledged post discovery of the nym on another web forum. But the campaign against 'cultism' is curious coming from a culture with a proliferation of religious identities, and the cults selected for opprobrium: Hubbardism, Torvaldianism and Jonesianism are all 'western' in origin.

There is an identifiable Telugu rationalist and very anti-religious sentiment on the web, but DDT has never invoked this, even while appealing to God in the singular, male mode. Curious confusion of culture present in this poor troll.

Message ID: 393808
Posted By: rkhalloran
Posted On: 2006-08-03 15:09:17
Subject: Trolls getting desperate

If they're the only ones here, recc'ing one another off to the sounds of silence, how are they supposed to earn their paided-shill fees from Darl and his Darlings?

Give the TFADs a break, visit back here once in a while just to let them know we still think their arguments are as lame as ever.



Message ID: 393809
Posted By: rkhalloran
Posted On: 2006-08-03 15:16:08
Subject: Poor shills...

This new format makes it so much harder for them to "scroll away" posts that are unpleasant for their owners by flood-posting.

And by us pointing the discussion over to IV, where they haven't had any luck getting a foothold, they lose what little chance they have of helping their owners unload their worthless stock before it tanks. So what good are they?



Message ID: 393835
Posted By: rkhalloran
Posted On: 2006-08-03 19:14:00
Subject: Trolls' continuing desperation

DDT, I said you folks need an occasional visit to keep you shills properly deflated, but the working discussion has moved on past you and this board. Other than T's continuing drivel about the GPL's problems, the IV board is relatively troll-free.

As far as trying to bait us about the Linux APIs, I find Linux a useful tool: the premier midrange OS rebuilt, PROPERLY, for the desktop ($DEITY knows my former employer never managed it when they owned it, of course they proved incapable of marketing anything that lacked a dial tone). As far as *your* owners, their case has been decimated, their long-term prospects are quite short-term, and when the bankruptcy trustees take charge, the result will be


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