A request and an apology


August 27, 2006

I'll start with the apology for not being around very much.

I blame most of it on Yahoo. I primarily read the Yahoo board and read this board with lynx. After the initial Yahoo abomination, I could still read but could not post using lynx. Yahoo has made some changes since that initial incarnation, but I must admit I've not been that tempted to test it. IV has also made some changes that make reading in lynx a bit easier, but posting is still not possible.

However, that blame is a bit of a copout. Yahoeuvre stats will show a decreasing post volume from me preceding the Yahoo diaspora. I can say that from once I found Yahoo in 2003 until early 2006, I read almost every message posted. There were times when I might not catch up until the weekend, but I still read almost all. However, as my son has gotten older, as I've gotten more challening assignments at work, as my wife has complained about the time I spent glued to the computer, that has all begun to shift.

I still read quite a bit. If you look at the rec links on IV, you can see that I've been here much more than I post. Part of the problem now is that I'm still a rec whore. I can toss off a one liner or two and get some recs, but too much of that leaves me feeling that I've cheapened myself. My preference was to get recs by saying something worth reading, whether that be because I had some new tidbit to post or because I had some insight I felt was worth sharing.

Unfortunately the increased demands on my time have precluded the first and the fact that I'm no longer reading everything posted makes me fear to post the second lest it turn out to be something brilliant that was said 100 messages ago and I just happened to not have read it. I'll still be here. I will still rec occasionally but I doubt I'll post as much. If I have something new or some brilliant insight, I'll post it, but I likely won't be as prolific as I once was. (If I have a really good rec-worthy, pithy one-liner, I'll toss that out too.)

Now, the request:

Nearly a year ago, I bought one share of SCOX. I did it well after noon and was the first trade of the day. I was worried that the scam was about to shut down and I wouldn't get my share for the office wall.

Well, the scam never shut down and the share's still in street name. I'm about ready to pull it out, but I'd like to mount it in a matte and I'd like to put some worthy Yahoo SCOX quotes on the matte. I figure four quotes at a minimum and likely no more than 10. I'd like a scattering dates. It might be nice to leave a blank spot or two for the end of the story.

So, if you were going to pull out just a few quotes from posts on Yahoo SCOX that would convey the story to someone who had followed it, what quotes would you pick?

11:49:21 PM

Source: Investor Village SCOX [ http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=1911 ]

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