Yarro paper loss today: $2,157,420


September 25, 2006

A couple of people have asked after Mr. R. Yarro's financial health.

For the record, Mr. Yarro's 5,531,855 fully paid shares lost $2,157,420 today-- that's about $270,000 per hour. The vast majority of these were received in the Canopy settlement, and have a basis of $4.05, so his cumulative (paper) loss since March 2005 is approximately $13,055,180.

Mr. Yarro also has a block of options (105,000).

4:49:51 PM

Re: Yarro paper loss today: $2,157,420


September 25, 2006

[ so his cumulative (paper) loss since March 2005 is approximately $13,055,180]

He may have a huge 'paper' loss, but it is entirely possible that Ralph has been among todays sellers, and since he didn't spend a dime of his own money to acquire all those SCOX shares, whatever he manages net, even at $1.50 is a real gain. Even at $1.5, Yarro's shares are worth $7.5M more than he deserves.

5:36:37 PM

Maybe yarro sold his shares, to pay for new tech building


September 25, 2006

I sure hope so. I'd love to see yarro go to prision.

8:06:25 PM

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