First Word from the Hearing: It's IBM All the Way

By Anonymous

November 30 2006


You did not say who the new court reporters were. Mine, and I assume all
groklaw readers appreciate these individuals taking up the mantle.

Thank you for taking the time to attend the hearing and making the

There probably isn't enough money to pay the volunteers who have attended
all these hearings and reported for us.

09:09 PM EST

My pleasure, believe me

By Anonymous

November 30 2006

That was so worth the half-day of vacation!

It's almost unbelievable how happy I feel right now.


10:14 PM EST

Great Job!

By chrisbrown

November 30 2006

There are two principal difficulties in reporting these hearings. First is the
speed with which the attorneys speak, the second is the desire to simply listen
without being distracted by taking notes. Having first hand experience in this,
I add my appreciation for a difficult job done well.

I hope you have the opportunity to attend many more (or at least as many as it
takes to put this case to rest).


Chris Brown

10:40 PM EST

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