From wkt at  Mon Jun  4 11:57:39 2007
From: wkt at (Warren Toomey)
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 11:57:39 +1000
Subject: [TUHS] A tool to compare code trees, plus a favour
Message-ID: <>

Hi all, back in 2004 I wrote a tool to compare sets of C code trees,
as a response to the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit. I've revisited and improved
the performance of the tool, and I have released a new version at

The tool produces a tokenised representation of each source tree in
a format called CTF. The CTF representation of a proprietary source
tree can be exported without revealing too much of the source code.
See for the
full details.

I would dearly love to get hold of some CTF files of more recent
UNIX source trees, i.e. from SysVR4 onwards, and especially the
Unixware source trees which relate the the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit.
If you can make them available to me, I would appreciate it. I
understand that you might wish to donate these anonymously, so
soon I will write a web script to allow you to upload a CTF file
to my server "minnie" anonymously.

Many thanks in advance!