Judge's Attitude

By Anonymous August 27 2007

I wonder if we will gain any sense of Judge Kimball's attitude from the hearing,
it may be a preview of what the trial will be like for SCO.

It will be interesting to see if he hints at exasperation at some of SCO's
continuing behavior.

I would think if he is very businesslike and rules from the bench that it
doesn't bid well at all for SCO.

05:32 PM EDT

Judge's Attitude

By Peter H. Salus

August 27 2007

At no point over the past 3+ years has Judge Kimball
been anything but completely professional and thorough.
There may be some who have been irritated by the time
span involved, but this is far from a snail's pace for
complex civil litigation.

I believe that Judge Kimball has put this hearing on a
Friday morning to give both sets of lawyers the afternoon
and weekend to come to grips with what transpires and
to prepare for Monday, 17 September.

Peter H. Salus

05:49 PM EDT

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