By Peter H. Salus

September 22 2007

"Who am I?"

Pamela, you are a brilliant and wonderful person.

You are the font of a site that will serve for years
as the model of what an edited, but publically
accessible site should be.

You are someone who has withstood the personal
vilification of those with fewer morals, less knowledge,
and insignificant ability.

You are our PJ!

Peter H. Salus

01:59 PM EDT

$ for Groklaw

By Peter H. Salus

September 23 2007

OK. Everyone's congratulated PJ for a day and themselves
for being part of Groklaw.

Now here's what you should do: donate. Amazon will take
amounts up to US $50. I don't know what PayPal does.

But I know that Groklaw is needy.

I donate regularly. You should too.

Peter H. Salus

08:55 AM EDT

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