AP: tech coming to stop "wholesale theft" on 'Net

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June 2, 2009

OK. "Entire stories"—that's the problem?

"There are commercial websites, not even bloggers, necessarily," Bridis added, "that take some of our best AP stories, and rewrite them with a word or two here, and say 'the Associated Press has reported, the AP said, the AP said.' That's not fair. We pay our reporters. We set up the bureaus that are very expensive to run, and, you know, if they want to report what the AP is reporting they either need to buy the service or they need to staff their own bureaus."

[PJ: Reminder: please never link to any AP content or quote from it or refer to it on Groklaw. By never I mean until they get back on their meds, so to speak.]- ars technica

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