Bankruptcy Court Rules Psystar Can't Use Checks or Deposit Slips

By sef

June 13 2009

This confuses me mightily. If they can't use their checks, and they can't use their deposit slips... how can they do anything at all?

Perhaps "checks and deposit slips" means something different for a business than it would for me, as an individual?

01:17 PM EDT

Bankruptcy Court Rules Psystar Can't Use Checks or Deposit Slips


June 13 2009

Apple has raised a serious question in this bankruptcy. It says that 80% or so (check the earlier article for the precise figure, as linked in the article) of Psystar's business is based on infringement of Apple's IP.

Ch. 11 is for businesses that qualify for such protection, and an illegal business would not qualify. Apple challenges Psystar's ability to reorganize with the remnants of its business. That's another way not to qualify, if you are asking for protection but you have no hope of actually being able to reemerge from Ch. 11 with a viable business.

So the judge apparently believes that he needs to look closely at this bankrupcy filing, and probably he also doesn't want any money flying to Rio, so to speak, under his watch.

02:09 PM EDT

Bankruptcy Court Rules Psystar Can't Use Checks or Deposit Slips

By Anonymous

June 13 2009

80% of IP?

From what I understand Psystar is buying Apple's operating system and running it on their computers. That would seem like 100% of Apple's IP to me. And they're paying Apple for it.

The problem is... what, exactly? That Psystar is running the operating system on crappy Chinese hardware? (Yeah -- well, so is Apple.) It just that Apple charges a hell of lot more for their crappy Chinese hardware. But people who drink the Apple Kool-Aid think they're getting "better, crappy, Chinese hardware". Whatever.

Does Apple rent their software? If they don't maybe they should. They can't seem to let anything go. Apple could have grown a lot bigger if they weren't such control freaks.

Look at their IPhones. They won't even allow AT&T to put their splash on it. I suppose that would ruin the "pristine awsomeness" of that Apple product. Palm and the Pre on the other hand doesn't have those same "scruples". They're also smart enough to sell the Pre to more than one carrier (including, if the sources are correct, AT&T). "Hey --want your splash -- cool. Exclusive agreement with one carrier? Are you nuts-- what do you think -- we're as stupid as Apple?"

Apple is continuously snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. If they had had the brains to open up their operating system to other hardware manufacturers, especially during the Vista debacle, they would probably have more than twice the market they now have.

I guess the allure of selling hardware for $3000, that they buy for $50 is just too much for them to resist.

07:52 PM EDT

Bankruptcy Court Rules Psystar Can't Use Checks or Deposit Slips



June 13 2009

I think you should start your own business and then let the rest of us tell you what you should do with it and how to run it.

: D

Next, you should read Groklaw's comments policy. After a first warning, your comments will disappear if you use language like that here.

And then there is this: I used to buy Apple products. And the hardware *is* better. It lasts forever, and it's usually trouble free. By trouble free, I mean you just use the computer or laptop and nothing ever goes wrong.

It was so dramatically different, coming from PC-dom, it was like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day to me. No viruses, nothing to disturb the calm. Nothing broke. well. the beach ball could be annoying. But that wasn't all the time.

Now, I stopped buying around the time they switched to Intel. I have no idea how well they do now. But about the only way to kill a Mac is to drop it from a considerable height, and even then it only partly dies, and you can easily get all your stuff on to another computer, even though pieces don't work any more.

So, if they sold GNU/Linux on that kind of hardware, I'd buy another one, for sure. That, to me, would be perfection, because they really do think of many thoughtful things that you absolutely don't get in a PC environment.

You may not care, but others do. Your argument is that because you don't care, I shouldn't either. But to tell you the truth, the elegance of the design elements means a lot to me, and I miss it. I hate to look at icons and crass logos. It's why I always love blackbox. I love simple and clean lines. I look at Windows, and it distresses my brain.

Did you know your brain responds to beauty? Really. It is very good for you. It wards off depression and you can think more clearly in an orderly and beautiful atmosphere.

So you think what Apple is offering is nothing worth doing, but they have a market, and they like it that way. Not everyone is trying to rule the world, you know, which is kind of what you have to do if you want to attract the lowest and widest common denominator.

They go for those who love quality and beauty. Why call them stupid, just because they want to do something you don't value? It's *their* business.

It's like with Groklaw, people from time to time tell me how to make Groklaw huge. I tell them thanks, but I am trying hard to keep it as small as possible and still be effective. Why? Because I can't scale past a point, and to keep it nice here, it has to stay a manageable size. I have new membership turned off at the moment. I don't know if I'll ever turn it on again.

That may seem stupid to you, but to me it makes it fun to do Groklaw, and since it's my project, I have to love it to do so much hard work. So who's business is it if I keep it small? Why can't Apple do the same, run the company the way they enjoy doing it?

As for the 80% figure, it means that some of the sales are Linux and Windows. It's not 100% brand x apples.

10:20 PM EDT

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