New *Joint* Voir Dire Questions

By vonbrand

March 4, 2010

Sorry, but this is completely ridiculous. Who can say he (or she, as the case may be) has never be accused of lying, or passing of as own ideas from others (1 and 2)? Which company has never been sued (6)? I'd be surprised if anybody even knows they own stock in a Linux-related company (i.e., almost all; see 18). I'd very nuch doubt they can find people without any contact to half the business world involved here (30). Sure, few have been negatively affected by the economic downturn (38).

09:47 AM EST

New *Joint* Voir Dire Questions

By Peter H. Salus

March 4, 2010

Of course it's ridiculous, Horst. Only total idiots who are illiterate are to
permitted on the jury.

I've got a question: how many questions can one answer "yes" or
"I don't know"
to before you get struck from the list? I go over 50% on "yes." Do I
get an
Oscar? (or a Penguin?)

BTW, I trust you and your family are OK in Valparaiso.

Peter H. Salus

09:57 AM EST

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