The best statemen in court so far!

By Anonymous

March 13 2010

Mattingly responds, “Oh, you’re the guy who cheated off me.”

Ok, I laughed out loud on this exchange between Novell's Brennan and Ty
Mattingly. That was dang funny! Probably a bit of a foolish move on Brennan's
part to open the door so wide for a smack down.

01:32 PM EST

The best statemen in court so far!


March 13 2010

Don't you think, Utah, that you've trolled enough for
SCO for one day?

Loved the touch about jury tampering. You need to
stop. Really, you guys are about as competent at
trolling as you are at giving testimony. You
shouldn't be posting on Groklaw. You're out of
your league.

Incidentally, the fact that Mattingly's first thought,
albeit a joke, was about cheating on a test, reflects
on *him*, not on Brennan, and I've no doubt the jury
did not miss that. I wouldn't have ever come up
with that joke, because I was never involved in
any cheating. But the first thing that pops into
Mattingly's head is cheating.

01:38 PM EST

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