Website modification thought

By Anonymous

March 19 2010

I was just thinking, based on Botosan's comments regarding Google searches, I
would expect that the jury will probably be doing a search on Google right after
the trial. Eventually they will make their way to Groklaw since it is clearly
referenced early on almost every combination of "SCO ..." search.

Others may also recently make their way here too for the first time.

Would PJ consider a modification to the top of the Groklaw website to boldly say
something like: "If you are new to Groklaw, start here" with a link to
some introduction text and a short collection of highlighted articles? Then
that page could have a link to one of the earliest articles and the person could
just scroll through time back to the present.

Maybe something bold right above the Headlines text.

Just a thought.

04:08 PM EDT

Website modification thought


March 19 2010

After the trial is over, though, if someone wants
to give it a stab, go ahead. But you'll find that
it's impossible to do it, I think. We've tried
more than once, and the closest we could come was
Soup2Nuts. And it's complex too. I guess we could
rename it.

04:12 PM EDT

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