He thought the case was well argued and presented ????

By Anonymous

April 07 2010

"He thought the case was well argued and presented and opined that most of
the people in the courtroom also thought SCO would win."

I can't stop laughing when reading this report, apparently in his opinion
"the most of people in the courtroom" does not include juries. Hahaha

08:57 PM EDT

He thought the case was well argued and presented ????


April 08 2010

The case was well argued and presented, I quite honestly thought that SCO's lawyers had done some amazing work with the poor hand they had.

I'm just glad that the jury found that Novells arguments were better, even though it sounds as though the presentation wasn't so good.

06:21 AM EDT

He thought the case was well argued and presented ????

By cpeterson

April 08 2010

It probably did sound good to Cahn.

He needs to remember some cultural differences, though. Take a Utahn back east,
put him on the street, and he'll get laughed at for his slow speaking cadence.
(I've heard, anyway. I've personally never been farther east than Chicago - and
I got laughed at there.)

Put a New Yorker on the street in Salt Lake City, and the locals wonder what
he's trying to hide in his fast talking; they end up distrusting him.

So what would have been a very good presentation in Judge Cahn's courtroom was
completely inappropriate in front of a panel of 13 Utahns.

And not only did Cahn not figure this out, neither did Singer.

Case in point: during closing arguments, Judge Stewart let the lawyers know when
their time was coming to a close. During Brennan's close, Judge Stewart (who, as
you have heard, doesn't like to interrupt or be interrupted) slipped "You
have four minutes remaining" into one of Brennan's pauses. Brennan turned
toward Judge Stewart, nodded, and thanked him for the reminder. Then he turned
back to the jury to continue.

During Singer's rebuttal, there were no pauses to get an edgewise word into.
Finally, Judge Stewart just said "Two minutes" over the top of
Singer's speaking; Singer's only response was to talk faster. (That was the
basis for Stewart's "OK, you can breathe now" at the conclusion of
Singer's remarks.)

It was Singer's last opportunity for a big impression on the jury, and he blew
it. He thought what he had to say was more important than who he had to say it

03:10 PM EDT


He thought the case was well argued and presented ????


April 08 2010

What an interesting comment. I never thought of that.

Of course, if they get a new trial, they'll slow
down. That's the advantage of a dry run.

03:13 PM EDT


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