Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?

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August 16 2011

I wanted to point out that chanting the mantra "it's all about patents" needs a bit of qualification. It might not be about anything, other than a lack of grown-up thinking, and consistently poor executive leadership.

[PJ: Hahaha. Andrew Orlowski with his fist in the air. Speaking of journalism and bias. Openness really bugs the guy, I guess. He thought Microsoft was going to prevail. What? You thought Google was stupid? It was going to just lay down and die? Hahaha. I thought the article was so funny, I just had to share it with you, not because I think he's right about a single thing.

Say. When does the Dark Side set up a Fake Larry Page blog? That's the only FUD element missing, so I expect to see something like come along any day now.

Florian Mueller should do it. He's funny, heaven knows. He could subtitle it "Android is Doomed". Of course, he'd probably need some down time to rewrite his blog to say that Android isn't actually doomed, and he never actually said that.

P.S. Android lives!] - Andrew Orlowski, The Register

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