HTC Sues Apple With Patents Bought From Google

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September 07 2011

“That’s a bit of a game-changer,” said Will Stofega, a technology analyst at Framingham, Massachusetts-based IDC....

“Google knows that HTC is under tremendous legal pressure from Apple and clearly on the losing track,” Florian Mueller, a Munich-based consultant and intellectual property activist. “This intervention on Google’s part increases the likelihood of direct litigation by Apple against Google.”

[PJ: Hahahaha. Not. It increases the likelihood that Apple will lose or at least wish it never started this stupid patent war. Don't you recall what Eric Schmidt said recently, that Google would make sure HTC didn't lose? You thought he was just talking? If Apple wanted to rumble with Google, it would have done it already. That's the last thing they want, and with good reason. If it happens, it won't be because they desired it. The thing about patent litigation is you usually go after folks who can't do much to you back. Google can do plenty. They had a remarkable record in patent litigation before they bought the patents from IBM and bought Motorola. Now they are more fully armed, they can do a great deal more. Trying to spin this as a threat to Google is absolutely upside down.] - Phil Milford and Susan Decker, Bloomberg

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