SCO Detractors - Related

1991-11-18   Rob Pike gives talk at MIT and is picketed by programmers - See document

1992-08-06   Unix Labs' Berkeley Software Design Suit Finds Berkeley University in Disarray - See document

1993-01-15   UC Berkeley Embroiled in Software Lawsuit - See document  [PDF]  More  More
1993-09-30   Counting Linux users - See document  More

1994-07-17   Salt Lake Linux Users Group - See document
1994-07-27   APC UPS owners, try to show user base - See document  More

1995-01-16   Linux insulted by Infoworld - See document  PDFs:  More  More
1995-10-05   21059 registered Linux users - See document

1996-01-08   Cheap operating systems and teaching with Linux - See document  [PDF]
1996-02-xx   The Sound and the Fury - See document  [PDF, page 4]  More  More
1996-11-04   No good deed goes unpunished - See document  More  More

1997-02-07   Upcoming article about Linux- See document
1997-04-20   The Times article - See document  More  More  More  More
1997-04-21   Please do not respond to the "Times" article - See document  More
1997-04-27   General advice on dealing with critical press - See document

1998-06-15   Rally at Win98 release party - See document  More
1998-06-25   Linux Revolt of '98 - See document  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
1998-06-28   Launch Win98 on a Rocket - See document  More
1998-10-08   Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) - See document  [PDF]  More  More
1998-11-11   Keep up pressure on Microsoft - See document  More  More  More

1999-01-03   Breaking Windows - See document  [YouTube]
1999-01-21   Demonstrations, pamphlets, law work, Refund Day - See document  More
1999-01-28   Fans of Linux Plan to March On Microsoft - See document  More  More
1999-02-12   NY Windows Refund Day - See document  More  More  More  More
1999-02-15   Windows Refund Day - See document  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1999-05-17   Free Software and the Death of Copyright, Eben Moglen - See document  [PDF]
1999-08-11   New York Linux Users Group at IBM Building - See document
1999-08-28   Bob Young to speak at LXNY meeting at IBM Building - See document  More  More
1999-10-01   IBM's secret Linux summit - See document
1999-10-21   BYU - See document
1999-11-01   Red Hat Center for Open Source - See document  More  More

2000-03-17   Exemption to Prohibition on Copyright Protection Systems Circumvention - See document  More
2000-03-21   Linux Users to Protest DMCA in Washington, DC - See document  More
2000-04-24   Linux users to protest the DMCA - See document  More  More  More  More  More
2000-05-12   BYU  - See document  More  More  More  More  More  More
2000-05-18   DMCA protest at Stanford University - See document  More
2000-06-27   Statement of the Oracle Corporation - See document
2000-06-28   The Independent Institute on Oracle's Sponsorship of Smear Campaign - See document  More
2000-06-28   Microsoft Issues Statement on Oracle Admission See document  More
2000-07-17   NY Linux Users Demonstrate at DVD Trial - See document  More  More
2000-09-11   Red Hat Center, University of North Carolina launch - See document
2000-10-01   The Future of Intellectual Property on the Internet - Watch video  [YouTube]  More
2000-10-01   'Emmanuel Goldstein' and Eric Eldred ask questions - Watch video  [YouTube]
2000-10-17   Red Hat Center Fact Sheet - See document  More  More
2000-11-28   Red Hat Center's grant funds public access to Cornell's Legal Information Institute - See document

2001-02-01   Windows Refund Day In Review - Watch video [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Eric Raymond, Communism and Free Software - Watch video [YouTube]
2001-02-09   Center for the Public Domain (formerly Red Hat Center) Funds Projects - See document
2001-04-01   Center for the Public Domain - See document  More  More
2001-06-03   Center for the Public Domain Supported Organizations - See document  More
2001-06-09   BYU - See document  More  More
2001-07-22   Free Sklyarov - See document  More  More  More  More  Photos  More  More  More  More
2001-07-25   Free Sklyarov - See document  More  More  More
2001-10-19 - See document
2001-11-09   Conference on the Public Domain - Watch video  [YouTube]  More  More
2001-11-10   Freedom, Eben Moglen - Watch video  [YouTube]
2001-11-10   The Architecture of Innovation - Watch video  [YouTube]
2001-11-10   Public Domain Activism, Roundtable - Watch video  [YouTube]
2001-11-29   Creativity, Commerce, & Culture: Lessig vs. Valenti - Watch video  [YouTube]

2002-02-16   BYU - See document  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
2002-03-07   Update on the Center for the Public Domain - See document
2002-09-05   Anonymous gift funds creation of "The Center for the Study of the Public Domain" - See document
2002-09-22   The Cultural Anarchist vs. the Hollywood Police State - See document
2002-10-09   Supreme Court will hear arguments in Eldred v. Ashcroft - See document  More
2002-10-10   Justices Hear Challenge to Copyright Law - See document  More  More  More  More
2002-12-05   Introduction to Free Software, Free Society - See document

2003-01-16   Supreme Court Upholds Copyright Extension - See document  More  PDFs:  More  More  More
2003-02-08   Lawrence Lessig Awarded the 2002 FSF Award - See document
2003-02-22   BYU - See document  More  More  More  More  More