SCO Detractors - Analysts - SCO vs. IBM

2003-03-31   Bye-Bye SCO
2003-06-16   SCO's Legal Wrangling  More
2003-06-17   SCO Ups Ante in IBM Lawsuit
2003-06-18   Bill Claybrook, Research Director, Aberdeen Group - See document
2003-06-18   Why Sun Could Benefit from SCO-IBM Lawsuit
2003-06-23   The SCO-IBM Lawsuit: Remember, OJ Won
2003-06-24   SCO IBM Lawsuit Could Widen
2003-07-07   The SCO Express Rolls On
2003-07-22   SCO Latest Offer
2003-07-31   OSDL Paper Asks 'Where's the Beef?' in SCO Suit
2003-08-05   Red Hat Fights Back
2003-08-06   SCO Announces Licensing Prices for Linux Users
2003-08-08   IBM Countersues SCO Group  More
2003-08-18   OSDL Offers Answers on SCO-IBM Lawsuit
2003-08-20   Where Was Ms. DiDio On This Day of Days?
2003-08-21   SCO's Las Vegas Gamble
2003-11-17   SCO - IBM Lawsuit Takes on Movie-Like Proportions

2004-11-xx   Bill Claybrook, Linux Product Marketing Manager, Novell - See document

2005-02-11   What Comes the Day After SCO Dies?
2005-02-15   PJ, LinuxWorld - See document  Original  More  More  More  Original

2006-01-14   Bill Claybrook, Market Analyst, Novell - See document
2006-06-29   SCO hits iceberg
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2006-11-28   SCO no longer matters

2007-08-10   SCO Goes Down in Flames: Novell owns Unix
2007-09-19   Snowed By SCO

2009-08-24   The SCO zombie wins one