U.S. vs. IBM

1956-01-25   AT&T settles antitrust case. Shares patents - See document  More  [PDFs]
1956-01-26   IBM trust suit ended by decree. Machines freed  More  [PDF]

1967-02-01   IBM confirms antitrust unit is studying computer industry  More  [PDFs]

1968-12-12   Rival sues IBM in a trust action  [PDF]

1969-01-04   IBM is named in antitrust suit by data concern  [PDF]
1969-01-17   U.S. Accuses IBM of Monopolizing Computer Market  More  [PDF]
1969-01-23   Advertising: A story behind IBM's story  More  More  [PDFs]
1969-04-23   Suit against IBM is fourth in a row  [PDF]
1969-06-07   IBM wins round in antitrust case  [PDF]
1969-06-24   IBM readjusts pricing formula  [PDF]

1972-10-17   Breakup of IBM is antitrust goal  More  [PDFs]

1973 01 16   IBM to sell unit to Control Data in settling suits  [PDF]

1975-05-18   Curtain time for the IBM case  More  More  [PDFs]
1975-10-31   IBM wins shift in trial rulings  [PDF]

1976-03-12   U.S., IBM urged to end trust suit  [PDF]

1978-04-27   U.S. rests its case in IBM trust suit  [PDF]

1979-11-13   IBM, Justice Dept Negotiate; Settlement May Be Approaching

1980-06-01   IBM in Talks On Trust Suit
1980-10-21   U.S. - IBM Trust Talks Suspended

1982-01-08   U.S. Settles Phone Suit, Drops IBM Case  More
1982-01-09   End of Action on IBM Follows Erosion of its Dominant Position  More

1994-06-08   U.S. will not fight IBM on court ruling  More
1994-06-14   Judge v. IBM: Long, Bitter Clash  More  More
1994-06-27   IBM Request Is Opposed

1995-05-25   Opposition to motions to intervene, preliminary recommendations  [PDF]
1995-07-19   Preliminary statement of issues  [PDF]
1995-07-20   U.S. will not oppose IBM in trimming of most barriers
1995-08-21   Memo on protective order issues  [PDF]
1995-09-11   Memo in support of partial judgment termination  [PDF]
1995-10-05   Memo on the 1969 case  [PDF]

1996-01-16   Supplemental memorandum in support of partial judgment termination  [PDF]
1996-01-23   Federal court order terminates portion of 1956 consent decree
1996-04-26   Justice Department to ease 1956 IBM decree
1996-05-24   Memo in support of its motion to compel discovery  [PDF]
1996-07-02   Justice Department terminates provisions of IBM consent decree in stages
1996-07-11   Memo in support of judgment modification  [PDF]
1996-11-13   Memo in support of motion to modify 1956 final judgment, public comments  [PDF]

1997-11-07   On appeal from the United States District Court  [PDF]