2003-01-22   SCO Establishes SCOsource to License Unix Intellectual Property - See document
2003-03-06   SCO sues Big Blue over Unix, Linux 
2003-03-06   The SCO Group  More  [PDFs]
2003-05-14   SCO Group Warns Linux Users of Violations
2003-08-18   SCOsource Update  [PDF]
2003-08-18   Eben Moglen, FSF's position regarding SCO - See document  More  More  More  More  More
2003-08-20   Open Letter to Darl McBride: "... you won't like what our alliance is cooking up next ..." - See document
2003-09-25   Ransom Love Speaks of Unix, GPL and the Lawsuit
2003-11-05   Free Software Foundation Subpoena  [PDF]
2003-11-12   SCO v IBM  [YouTube]
2003-11-13   SCO Targets Torvalds, Stallman
2003-11-18   There's No Free Lunch or Free Linux  [WMA]  More
2003-12-07   Open Letter to Darl McBride of SCO from Bob Young - See document
2003-12-29   McKusick on SCO's latest copyright claims

2004-01-15   Could SCO v IBM happen to you?  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]
2004-02-04   Groklaw: Eben Moglen, Eric S. Raymond, Richard M. Stallman ... - See document  Original
2004-04-30   Groklaw: Eben Moglen, Dan Ravicher, Mark Webbink ... - See document  More
2004-05-17   Gunning for Linux
2004-06-10   Showdown With The Linux Gang
2004-08-03   Rob Enderle SCO Keynote  More
2004-08-16   IBM Goes For the Jugular - See document  More  [PDF]  More  More  More  [PDF]  More
2004-11-19   Declaration of Steven Sabbath  [PDF]

2005-02-15   LinuxWorld - See document  More  Original  More
2005-09-09   Lawyers Flock to Mystery Web Site's Coverage of SCO-IBM Suit - See document  More

2006-06-29   Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells ruled largely in favor of IBM
2006-07-03   Magistrate Brooke Wells Tosses Out Most of SCO's Lawsuit Against IBM
2006-11-29   Novell Goes 1st, SCO's Objections Denied - See document
2006-12-01   Investors Abandon SCO

2007-02-12   Deposition of Steven M. Sabbath  [PDF]
2007-03-27   OSDL payments to Groklaw?
2007-04-02   SCO's motion to depose Pamela Jones  More  More  [PDFs]
2007-08-10   SCO vs. Novell: Novell Wins Right to Unix Copyrights
2007-09-07   SCO vs. Novell: Judge Kimball rules: There will be no jury in SCO v. Novell - See document
2007-09-10   SCO vs. Novell: Did SCO get Linux-mob justice?  More  More  [PDF]

2008-11-24   SCO vs. Novell: SCO cleared for appeal in computer code case

2009-05-05   Motion to convert Ch 11 case  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More
2009-08-24   SCO vs. Novell: Court overturns key computer software decision  More
2009-10-23   Preliminary report from Edward N. Cahn  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]

2010-03-02   Elliott offers to acquire Novell - See document
2010-03-04   SCO vs. Novell: Six years later, lawsuit finally going to trial
2010-03-07   Excusing potential jurors having knowledge pertaining to this dispute  [PDF]
2010-03-08   Jury seated in SCO lawsuit against Novell
2010-03-08   SCO v. Novell day one - We have a jury - See document  More
2010-03-09   Attorney: IBM-Novell worked together to hurt SCO
2010-03-10   Ex-Novell officers back SCO over copyrights
2010-03-12   First week of SCO-Novell trial focused on contract language
2010-03-12   Sequestration and other thoughts - See document  More  More  More
2010-03-15   Ex-SCO CEO: Novell elusive about IBM link
2010-03-18   Novell to present case in trial against SCO Group
2010-03-20   Novell's board rejects Elliott Associates' unsolicited, conditional proposal as inadequate - See document
2010-03-25   SCO, Novell suit goes to jury
2010-03-26   SCO v. Novell final day - Deliberations begin Tuesday - See document  More  More
2010-03-30   SCO vs. Novell: Utah jury confirms Novell has ownership of UNIX copyrights  More  [PDF]
2010-03-30   Jury rules copyrights didn't go to SCO - See document  More
2010-03-30   Welcome to any jurors... - See document  More  More  [PDF]
2010-03-31   I emailed the judge last night ... - See document
2010-04-07   SCO interim report  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]  More
2010-04-07   SCO vs. Novell: Cahn "thought the case was well argued and presented" - See document
2010-04-19   SCO’s proposed findings of fact, conclusions of law  [PDF]
2010-04-19   Novell’s proposed findings of fact, conclusions of law  More  More  [PDFs]
2010-04-19   I was on the jury. In deliberations we agreed that the APA ... - See document

2010-04-22   ... if Groklaw ever did get involved, it would be ... directed by me ... - See document
2010-04-27   SCO’s motion for judgment or for new trial  More  [PDFs]
2010-05-11   Novell’s opposition to SCO’s motion for judgment or new trial  [PDF]
2010-05-28   SCO’s reply memorandum in support of motion for judgment or for new trial  [PDF]
2010-06-10   Decision, order denying SCO’s motion for judgment or for new trial  More  More  [PDFs]
2010-07-07   Notice of appeal  [PDF]
2010-09-09   Brief for appellant, The SCO Group, Inc., oral argument requested  [PDF]
2010-10-29   Appellee Novell, Inc.’s brief, oral argument requested  [PDF]
2010-11-15   Reply brief for appellant, The SCO Group, Inc., oral argument requested  [PDF]

2011-01-20   Oral Argument at 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Report - SCO v. Novell  [MP3]  More  More
2011-08-30   SCO vs. Novell: Court rules against Utah's SCO over Unix copyrights  More  [PDF]

2014-12-15   Judge Nuffer finally woke up - See document

2015-06-11   Status conference hearing  [PDF]
2015-10-01   Groklaw: Interest Over Time - See document