SCO Detractors - Letters - SCO vs. IBM

2001-11-10   Freedom, Eben Moglen - Watch video  [YouTube]

2003-06-10   Here come the judge - See document
2003-06-16   SCO protest - See document  More  More  More  Flyer  [PDF]  More  Photos  More  More  More  More  More
2003-06-28   Comptia naming conventions - See document
2003-06-22   Let's hit the books - See document  More  More
2003-07-09   Does SCO owns C++ ? Ask Bjarne - See document
2003-07-23   My complaint to the SEC  More
2003-08-09   Let's put SCO behind bars  More
2003-08-09   Scary SCO - See document
2003-08-18   Eben Moglen, FSF's position regarding SCO - See document  More  More  More  More  More
2003-08-20   Open Letter to Darl McBride: "... you won't like what our alliance is cooking up next ..." - See document
2003-08-20   Letter to the Pennsylvania Attorney General
2003-08-29   EFF action to stop SCO  More
2003-08-31   To complain about the Cohen pump  More
2003-08-31   Some just dont understand - See document
2003-09-07   Ready to rumble  More  More  More  More
2003-11-12   SCO v IBM - Watch video  [YouTube]  More  More
2003-12-07   Open letter to Darl McBride of SCO from Bob Young - See document
2003-12-31   SCO's bluff is called - See document

2004-01-08   So what shall it take?  More
2004-01-12   My email to Dan Ackman - See document  More
2004-01-15   Letter to NASDAQ
2004-01-21   Letter to SCO - See document  [PDF]
2004-02-02   The most hated company in tech - See document  More
2004-02-12   How to get SEC and press going
2004-02-18   Senator Orrin Hatch's reply  More
2004-03-18   FTC's letter  [PDF]
2004-03-18   Complaint to SEC  More  More  More  More
2004-05-15   Judges using the Internet - See document  More  More
2004-05-25   Consumer complaint, Office of Attorney General  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
2004-06-08   Letter  More  More
2004-06-21   My letter to SCOX - See document
2004-09-22   A Utah case Judge Kimball presided over - See document  More
2004-11-26   Judges are human beings too - See document
2004-12-29   My letter to SEC and Yahoo

2005-05-07   Who is 'PJ' Pamela Jones of Groklaw.Net? - See document  More
2005-05-07   What to do now? - See document
2005-05-30   Most powerful labor union in the world: Linux - See document  More
2005-09-09   Lawyers flock to mystery Web site's coverage of SCO-IBM suit - See document  More
2005-09-28   Sarbanes-Oxley  More

2006-01-21   Can we hold McBride accountable? - See document
2006-04-29   Redaction issues with electronic filing - See document  More
2006-05-23   Protesters provide a nasty "vista" for Gates - See document  More  [YouTube]  More
2006-06-04   Backdated options, hello SEC?
2006-10-01   IBM’s Pragmatic Embrace of Open Source - See document  [PDF]

2007-09-10   Did SCO get Linux-mob justice? - See document  More  More  [PDF]

2008-07-05   A Letter To NBC - See document

2009-01-09   Work against Windows 7 - See document  More  More
2009-11-23   Pamela Samuelson’s letters to the court - See document  [PDF]
2009-10-23   Preliminary report from Edward N. Cahn - See document  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]

2010-03-08   SCO v. Novell day one - We Have a Jury - See document  More
2010-03-12   Sequestration and other thoughts - See document  More  More  More
2010-03-26   SCO v. Novell final day - Deliberations begin Tuesday - See document  More  More
2010-03-30   Jury rules copyrights didn't go to SCO - See document  More
2010-03-30   Welcome to any jurors... - See document  More  More  [PDF]
2010-03-31   I emailed the judge last night ...
2010-04-07   SCO interim report, Edward N. Cahn - See document  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]  More
2010-04-19   I was on the jury. In deliberations we agreed that the APA ... - See document
2010-04-22   ... if Groklaw ever did get involved, it would be ... directed by me ...

2011-07-13   #occupywallstreet A shift in revolutionary tactics - See document  More  More  More  More
2011-08-30   SCO vs. Novell - Court rules against SCO over Unix copyrights - See document